We Help You Build Your Foundation for Good Decisions and Effective Leadership.

At Inner Citadel Consulting, we provide people culture and leadership solutions to organizations and individuals seeking positive growth. If you are anticipating or trying to manage complex change, worried about depth and flexibility in your leadership team, or struggling to be an inclusive and empathetic leader in the middle of massive disruption and adversity, Inner Citadel Consulting will help you unravel the complexity of the issues that brought you to us and provide focused, actionable plans to build your own inner citadel.

Consulting - Select & Develop Talent

Hiring and onboarding new managers and leaders is huge investment. You know how to assess their fit with the position – do you know how to assess their potential impact on your workplace culture? Using an EI guided process will ensure your efforts yield success.

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Coaching - Executive Leader Transformation

Your long-term organizational success depends on effective leadership. Leaders with superior Emotional Intelligence competencies save money, reduce conflict, and support more productive and efficient workplaces that outperform competitors. EI coaching is the resource you need to move your leaders to the next level. Don't get left behind in the 4th industrial revolution.

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Workshops - EI & Inclusion for Success

Every department, team, and social space in your organization must embrace inclusion and affirm diversity. But sometimes diversity initiatives can’t meet their full potential because people don’t have developed Emotional Intelligence competencies, like empathy and self-awareness, or dialogue and perspective-shifting skills. Prepare your workplace to enact and sustain diversity & inclusion programs with Inner Citadel Consulting’s EI & Inclusion workshops.

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Adapting to the New Reality

It has likely been the most stressful year you can remember for your organization. And it has been a year that has revealed many of the policies and systems that must change. But do you know how your people are feeling about their work? Are they ready for what you’re about to ask them to do? Inner Citadel Consulting is offering any non-profit organization, college or university (or coherent working group within any of those) a free Emotional Culture Index (ECI) survey. The ECI is fully customizable - Peter can present data aggregated or in very fine detail according to roles within a group or organization. Don’t just guess how your people are doing – know it!

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