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Inner Citadel Consulting celebrates diversity in the unique lived experience of every person. We fearlessly and with humility work to be an engaged anti-racist and LGBTQ+ ally. Inclusion and Belonging are central to our mission — Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness drive awareness of the importance of embracing the whole self and the lasting value of diverse points of view. We strive to infuse a culture of listening and respect in all our work.

What Clients Say

Do you know how your people are feeling?

According to market research performed by O.C. Tanner Research, 79% of employees quit because of a lack of appreciation. People go the extra mile (discretionary effort) when the feel their work, leaders, and teams value them. Do you know how your people are feeling? Inner Citadel Consulting is offering any organization a free Emotional Culture Index (ECI) survey. The ECI is fully customizable - Peter can present data aggregated or in very fine detail according to roles within a group or organization. Don’t just guess how your people are doing – know it!

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