Compassionate and purposeful advocacy for workplaces that are aligned with core values and psychologically safe.

Now more than ever, organizations need to be places where people want to work, not have to work. Leaders at all levels need to connect with their people, not just manage them, and to engage, not just instruct. The changing workforce (hello, GenZ!) and the pandemic-influenced landscape of work itself now REQUIRE those people skills we used to just hope for in leadership. Organizations, more than ever, need to pay attention to their workplace people culture before their people leave in disappointment.

What Clients Say

Do you know how your people are feeling?

According to market research performed by O.C. Tanner Research, 79% of employees quit because of a lack of appreciation. People go the extra mile (discretionary effort) when the feel their work, leaders, and teams value them. Do you know how your people are feeling? Inner Citadel Consulting is offering any organization a free Emotional Culture Index (ECI) survey. The ECI is fully customizable - Peter can present data aggregated or in very fine detail according to roles within a group or organization. Don’t just guess how your people are doing – know it!

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